• SmartInside

    Mando used its know-how from the automotive industry to develop the Series Hybrid System. The chainless drive system makes possible Mando Footloose's clean design that hides all major parts inside the frame.

    This is the beginning of a new concept of e-mobility.

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  • Simple Outside

    Mando Footloose represents a new harmony of design and technology.

    Its stylish and ergonomic exterior gives it a unique look, while also hiding its advanced technology elegantly inside the frame.

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  • Stylish For all

    Mando Footloose gives you the freedom to go wherever you want and takes you there in style. On the street it impresses through effortless movement; inside it exhibits simple elegance.

    Mando Footloose introduces a new style of personal mobility to our cities.

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See the Mando Footloose lifestyle in action