brand story
It’s an electric car on two wheels Control everything by software
Create a new lifestyle
  • Smart
    Smarter than a car, simpler than a motorcycle, more stylish than a bicycle, Mando Footloose introduces a new concept in e-mobility.
  • Simple
    Mando invented a new mode of transport through innovative technology and design. Urban mobility made simple.
  • Stylish
    Mando Footloose sets out to revolutionize e-mobility with smart, simple technology and stylish design. Get ready to transform the way you move.
Mando used its know-how from the automotive industry to develop the Series Hybrid System. The chainless drive system makes possible Mando Footloose's clean design that hides all major parts inside the frame.

Mando Footloose represents a new harmony of design and technology.
On the street it impresses through effortless movement, inside it exhibits simple elegance.

design story

Harmonythrough simplicity

"An ideal combination of art and science gives birth to undeniably elegant products" says Mark Sanders, renowned designer of the Mando Footloose and Mando Footloose IM.
Mark Sanders was trained as a mechanical engineer at Imperial College in London and at Rolls-Royce. After working as an engineer for a number of years, he studied design at the Royal College of Art in London. Mark specializes in integrating engineering and industrial design. He lectures at universities and industry events across the world.

“I love the word ‘elegant’ because it makes sense both with respect to the sophisticated technology and the artful design”
Mark Sanders, designer of the Mando Footloose

Awards History

Mando Footloose,an ideal combination of art and science,has won several prestigious awards,gaining wide recognition around the globe.

  • 2015
    Red Dot Design Award Winner
  • 2014
    Good Design Award
  • 2013
    Red Dot Design AwardBest of the Best
    London Design Museum Selection2013 Design of the Year
    Red Dot Design AwardBest of the Best
    Frost & SullivanExcellence Awards Innovation award
  • 2012
    Germany ISPO BrandnewCompetition finalist
    British Engineering Excellence Awards