Simple And Elegant Folding E-bike
Mando Footloose, a new concept of e-Mobility equipped with advanced automotive technology, presents a new level of elegance with harmony of smart technology and simple design.


Automatic,intelligent gear shift

Mando Footloose is the first fully electric E-Bike; we removed the chain, a classic feature of bicycles, and replaced it with the innovative Series Hybrid System in order to enable you to travel as effortlessly as in your car. The unique drive system of Mando Footloose e-Bikes, which no longer requires a mechanical link between pedals and wheels, is the first commercially available Series Hybrid System worldwide.


HMI(Human Machine Interface)

The detachable HMI, mounted on the handlebar, displays a wide range of salient information, such as speed, travel distance, battery status, the amount of generated power and certain safety alers. It allows you to tailor the riding mode and pedal resistance to your preferences. Since Mando Footloose cannot be operated when the HMI is detached it also acts as a key and provides theft protection.


Minimalist and modern

With the conviction that “Less is More,” Mando Footloose made the bold decision to remove the chain, regarded as an essential feature of bicycles, and integrated all major parts, such as the ECU, battery, alternator, and motor, into its minimalist frame in order to emphasize the vehicle’s simple lines.


New and unique forms inspired by nature

Mando Footloose’s sleek, streamlined frame exhibits a new and unique shape that sets it apart from traditional folding and other electric bicycles. Its design was inspired by organic forms occuring in nature.


Ergonomic, user-friendly Design

Mando Footloose’s ergonomic design makes it suitable for anyone, regardless of age, fitness-level and gender. We removed straight lines and sharp edges as much as possible to retain a sleek design even when folded.


Easy & Quick Folding and Rolling

Whether you take it with you in your car, the subway, to the office, or to a cafe, Mando Footloose can be easily folded into a compact size and accompanies you wherever you go. It is easy to roll, carry, and store.
( * The European model includes a secondary folding-lock)

Mando Footloose Specification

  • 1 HMI(Human Machine Interface) Select driving mode and pedal resistance
    Detachable, 2.4" color LCD display
  • 2 Folding lever
  • 3 Built-in lithium-ion battery
  • 4 Automatic, electronic gear shift
  • 5 ECU(Electronic Control Unit) The ECU utilizes state-of-the-art technology from the automotive industry
  • 6 Generator(Alternator)
    + Regulator
    Recharge the battery while pedaling
  • HMI(Human Machine Interface)
    Select driving mode and pedal resistance
    Detachable 2.4” color LCD display
  • Folding lever
  • ECU(Electronic Control Unit)
    The ECU utilizes state-of-the-art technology from the automotive industry
  • Alternator + Regulator
    Recharge the battery while pedaling
  • Automatic,
    electronic gear shift
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery
  • Drive system
    Series Hybrid System
  • Material
    Frame: Aluminum
    Fork: Carbon fiber
  • Range
    Throttle : Max 30km (18 miles)
    Pedaling : Max 45km (28 miles)
  • Motor
  • Battery
    Lithium-ion, 36V, 8.2Ah
  • Top Speed
    25 km/h, (16mph)
  • Wheels
    20″, 5 blades
  • Weight
    21.7kg (47.8 lb)
  • * Results may vary depending on the driver’s weight and road conditions.
  • * Use of the throttle may be restricted in some countries.
  • * The broadcasting and communications equipment on the mando footloose conforms with the radio waves act.